Summer Date Nights – Starting June 8th

Join us for Summer Date Nights, which includes a special series of talks by Pastor Mark and Grace Driscoll this summer!

Here’s how it works:

Drop your kiddos off in The Backyard at 6:15 PM for a fun Trinity Kids experience (5 months-5th grade) and come to the Main Building as Pastor Mark and Grace teach on Real Relationships, focusing on navigating relationships. This includes not just relationships with your spouse but with friends, family, co-workers, and other, even difficult, relationships. It’ll be Bible-centered and extremely practical!

Afterward, you’ve got an hour and a half to enjoy a nice dinner with your spouse! We’ll watch your kids while you go on a date night! This will be your opportunity to talk through what Pastor Mark and Grace just taught with your spouse.

(Make sure you pick up your kids after your date though!)

Make plans to join us!

Summer Date Night Schedule

June 8th
June 15th
June 22nd
June 29th
July 13th
July 20th
July 27th